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Voropaev and Partners law firm offers professional, unique and intelligent advocate, legal and financial solutions for private and corporate clients, helping them navigate legal complexities, achieve their goals and simplify their lives.

Our team consists of advocates, lawyers, professional accountants and trust experts with more than 15 years of experience and practice in their specialty.

We endeavor to create innovative and effective solutions to complex legal issues, making legal processes smarter and more accessible for everyone.

Our mission is to simplify and streamline legal complexities through cutting-edge technology and expertise, enabling ordinary people and businesses to navigate the legal landscape with confidence and ease. We are committed to delivering exceptional results and exceed our clients’ expectations every step of the way.


Voropaev & Partners Law Firm

Legal “Voropaev & Partners” was founded on August 1, 2005 and for more than 15 years has been providing its clients – representatives of international and local businesses, as well as individuals – with high-quality legal support

The professional potential of the firm, in addition to traditional legal services, allows us to offer our clients the services of independent representatives in the management bodies of holding companies that manage businesses in various sectors of the economy. Thus, our most experienced lawyers are elected and are independent members of the supervisory boards or boards of directors of our clients’ holding companies operating in Ukraine and the Netherlands.


The Voropaev & Partners Law Firm employs highly qualified specialists with in-depth knowledge, vast practical experience in various areas of law, with an understanding of the industry specifics of the client’s business and the specifics of the local market, and have experience working in large international companies.
Yuri Voropaev
Managing Partner, Advocate
+38 093 981 59 88
Person voropaev@voropaevltd.com.ua


Litigation (civil, criminal, administrative, labor, tax, land disputes), claims and lawsuits, development and legal analysis of mechanisms for implementing business solutions, internal policies of companies, legal expertise of business operations, development of draft laws.

Work experience

Voropaev Yury Nikolaevich has been a director at Voropaev & Partners Law Firm since 2005.
Since 1979, he served in the Office of the Security Service of Ukraine in the Donetsk region as an investigator and lawyer. Since 1996 – Head of the Legal Department of the First Ukrainian International Bank, Donetsk. Since 2003 — Head of the Legal Department of CJSC SCM.
People’s Deputy of four convocations from 2006 to 2019. Honored Lawyer of Ukraine.

Contacts: voropaev@voropaevltd.com.ua

Sergei Kurilko
Partner, lawyer
+38 093 981 59 88
Person SKurilko@voropaevltd.com.ua

Currency, banking, tax, customs, civil, economic legislation, including privatization, development of schemes and plans for business structuring.

Experience:Sergey Evgenievich Kurilko has been working at Voropaev & Partners Law Firm since its foundation in August 2005. Mr. Kurilko leads the firm’s corporate and litigation practice. Prior to joining Voropaev & Partners Law Firm, Mr. Kurilko worked as a legal adviser at CJSC SCM, in the legal department of CJSC First Ukrainian International Bank, and headed the legal department of the Donetsk Regional Directorate of JSC APB Ukraine. Mr. Kurilko’s many years of experience (22 years of legal work) allows him to provide clients with a full range of legal advice on various issues of corporate governance, transaction structuring, including tax and financial aspects, foreign investment, currency regulation, banking, etc.

Membership in bar associations: Mr. Kurylko is an attorney at the Donetsk Regional Bar Association.


Anna Nechay
Partner, Attorney, Specialist in International Trust and Probate Administration (TEP)
+38 093 981 59 88
Person anna.nechai@voropaevltd.com.ua

In the field of foreign law: international tax planning, creation and management of trusts, development and implementation of private wealth management schemes (wealth management), offshore company management, inheritance planning, work with foreign banks, corporate law.

In the field of Ukrainian law: corporate law, civil law, banking and financial law, currency regulation, lawmaking, foreign economic relations.


At Voropaev & Partners Law Firm, Anna Nechay provides legal support and advice to clients on the development and implementation of private wealth management schemes, including the creation and management of trusts, companies in foreign jurisdictions, provides services for the direct management of foreign companies of clients, ensures effective communication with foreign banks (opening and managing accounts in foreign banks, including private banking) and service providers abroad. Anna is also actively involved in the development and subsequent discussion with representatives of state bodies of Ukraine of draft legislative acts of Ukraine in the field of corporate law, securities, currency regulation and banking and financial law.

Membership in professional associations

Since 2006, Anna Nechay has been a lawyer at the Kyiv City Bar Association of Ukraine and since 2015 a member of the Association of Trusts and Estates Specialists (STEP)

Contacts: anna.nechai@voropaevltd.com.ua

Tatyana Volkova
Partner, lawyer
+38 093 981 59 88
Person tvolkova@voropaevltd.com.ua

Judicial practice (civil, criminal, economic, administrative, family, inheritance, land, labor, tax disputes).

Development and legal analysis of mechanisms for the implementation of business solutions, internal policies of companies, organization of personnel work, development of evaluation systems and awards.

Legal expertise of business transactions.

Legal support of construction and design works.

Migration law.


23 years of experience in legal practice Volkova T.V. allows legal entities and individuals to provide a wide range of legal services related to protecting the interests of clients in criminal proceedings and at the stage of pre-trial investigation, representing interests in courts of all jurisdictions and providing legal advice on issues arising from contractual and obligation legal relations of civil and economic law, administrative , labor, housing, tax, family, land, inheritance law.

As a specialist in family law, Tatiana Volkova offers marriage contract execution services; advising on the protection of property, planning the inheritance of family property, assistance in drafting wills and agreements on the division of joint property of a married couple; property management of minor children; support for divorce, division of joint property in court, recovery of alimony and determination of the place of residence of the child; minimizing the risks of living together without registering a marriage, and on other issues that arise from family legal relations.

Tatyana Volkova also specializes in migration law issues, her competence includes legalization of stay of foreigners in Ukraine, citizens of Ukraine abroad, assistance in obtaining work permits, temporary or permanent residence permits, advising on migration legislation.

Membership in bar associations:NAAU, Donetsk Region Bar Council


Oksana Grushkovskaya
Partner, lawyer
+38 093 981 59 88
Person ogrushkovskaya@voropaevltd.com.ua

Providing legal support, consulting in the field of economic, civil, family, labor, tax, banking, corporate legislation.

Legal support and protection of clients in relations with state, regulatory authorities on taxation, construction, banking operations; with banks, other financial institutions in relation to lending, holding funds, carrying out transactions with securities and conducting other financial transactions.

Representation of clients in the judicial authorities of Ukraine by specialization.


Since October 2010, he has been providing legal services to individuals and legal entities in his specialization: representing clients in the judiciary, in relations with banking and other financial institutions on opening accounts, incl. in securities, financial monitoring, lending, purchase and sale of securities and others; with government agencies, including on taxation, construction, banking operations; provides full legal support for clients regarding the acquisition of ownership or for rent / lease or alienation of movable and immovable property; provides legal advice in his area of specialization.

Many years of legal experience in the banking sector of Grushkovskaya Oksana allows us to provide legal entities and individuals with a wide range of legal services related to protecting the interests of clients in relations with financial institutions by concluding agreements on parity terms and in the process of their implementation.

Legal support in the process of inheritance of property, registration of ownership of heirs, payment of taxes for the inheritance received and filing tax returns on property status and income.

As a specialist in corporate law, he offers advice and legal assistance on the registration and activities of legal entities on the issues of alienation / inheritance of shares, shares in the authorized capital of companies, the procedure for forced redemption of shares (squeeze-out), and other issues arising from corporate legal relations.

Membership in bar associations: NAAU, Kyiv Region Bar Council.