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Voropaev & Partners Law Firm provides a wide range of accounting and HR services

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Voropayev and Partners Law Firm provides accounting services, both on individual issues and comprehensively on a turnkey basis:

  • Comprehensive accounting and tax accounting of enterprises on the general taxation system, on a single tax, with VAT, without VAT.
  • Working with the FOP: help with registration, accounting on the general system and on the single tax (all groups).
  • Compilation and submission of all forms of reporting to tax and statistics.
  • Compilation of financial statements from MFSO (5 forms).
  • Keeping personnel records at the enterprise: drawing up orders, staff schedules, time sheets, vacation schedule and vacation log)
  • Salary calculation, indexation, calculation of vacation, sick leave, compensation for unused vacation.
  • Work with PRO, PRRO: registration, reports, reconciliation in the taxpayer’s electronic office.
  • Help in the design and registration of EDS

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We offer a comprehensive solution to problems and expand the range of services provided in accordance with the requirements of the client



The experience gained by us over the entire period of work allows us to offer our clients high quality legal services



We are experts in various areas of law in one company and provide an integrated approach to solving client problems



Building long-term relationships based on the principles of an individual approach to each client

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