Wealth management and cross-border inheritance

A wide range of wealth management and cross-border inheritance services

Legal services for organizing the administration of assets, including those abroad. Creation of effective business management structures in various areas of the economy, protection of property rights in foreign jurisdictions.

Voropaev & Partners Law Firm provides legal support for investment projects, property management and administration abroad, opening accounts in foreign banks, assistance in financial monitoring and compliance procedures for foreign banks, tax consulting with the selection of optimal taxation in Ukraine and abroad , obtaining a residence permit and EU foreign passports through investments.

Wealth Management & success planning. Estate planning services provided by our staff member who is a graduate in trusts and estate planning and a member of STEP. 

V&P lawyers specialize in estate planning (Wealth Management & Succession Planning). We draft simple wills and restructure family businesses, help administer estates, advise families on how best to structure their finances to ensure compliance with legal requirements, including abroad, to preserve and optimize the taxation of their assets for future generations, and to safely transition a family business from one generation to another.

Our trust and estate planning services allow the client to determine in advance the ways and procedure for the transfer of his property during inheritance and are aimed at ensuring a clear distribution of assets in accordance with the developed plan, early resolution of complex issues of protection and management of the client's assets before and after they are accepted by the heirs , development of effective mechanisms for protecting and preserving business in the future, leveling the risks of its loss (capture), preventing conflicts during inheritance, etc.

Our ranks include Ukraine's only certified specialist in trusts and estate planning and a member of STEP, a global professional association of specialists in the field of trusts and estate planning. Work on inheritance planning is carried out in cooperation with foreign partners in the field of wealth management and inheritance planning.

Practice Specialist Services Wealth Management & Succession Planning within the framework of inheritance planning include, in particular:

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  • due diligence and analysis of the structure of the client’s assets for the purposes of inheritance planning;
  • advising on possible grounds for inheritance and mechanisms for transferring property to heirs, on opening an inheritance, protecting and managing hereditary property (with individual recommendations for the prevention of possible hereditary problems);
  • advising a potential testator on business structuring, other assets for inheritance purposes;
  • structuring assets and ownership, eliminating problematic issues, preparing property for inheritance;
  • solution of organizational and legal issues in relation to the client’s property located abroad (in cooperation with foreign legal partners and notaries);
  • organizing the creation of trusts (trusts) and foundations (foundations) and the subsequent management of property transferred to such structures;
  • advising heirs on the implementation of inheritance rights, protection and management of inheritance property, judicial support in inheritance disputes;
  • management of estate and separate services for the protection of inheritance;
  • development, planning, structuring and subsequent implementation of schemes and mechanisms, including using trusts, holding companies, foundations (foundations) and other structures (combinations thereof), depending on the jurisdiction and the goal pursued by the client, in order to ensure protection and preservation of the property of owners of large private capital;
  • risk management in private business;
  • inheritance planning for individuals;
  • investment and tax optimization;
  • providing the services of professional directors;
  • providing assistance in registration of inheritance abroad.

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