Wealth Management & Succession Planning. Services in the sphere of hereditary planning, which is provided by our officer – a certified specialist in the field of trusts and inheritance planning and a member of STEP

Voropaev and Partners’ Lawyers specialize in hereditary planning (Wealth Management & Succession Planning). We develop simple wills and restructure family business, help administer property, advise families how to structure their finances in the better way to ensure compliance with legal requirements including those abroad, preserve and optimize the taxation of their assets for future generations, and to move the family business from one generation to another in safe manner.

The services of our specialists in the field of trusts and inheritance planning allow the client to determine in advance the ways and procedures for the transfer of his property while inheriting and are aimed at guaranteeing of clear distribution of assets in accordance with the developed plan, beforehand solving of complex issues of protecting and managing the client’s assets before and after their acceptance by heirs, development of effective mechanisms for protecting and preserving business in the future, leveling the risks of its loss (capture), preventing conflicts while inheriting, etc.

One of the three certified specialists in the field of trusts and inheritance planning in Ukraine and a member of STEP, the global professional association of specialists in the field of trusts and hereditary planning works in our company. Our activity in hereditary planning is conducted in cooperation with foreign partners in the field of capital management and hereditary planning.

The services of Wealth Management & Succession Planning specialists in the framework of hereditary planning include, in particular:

  • due diligence and analysis of the client’s asset structure for the purposes of hereditary planning;
  • advising on possible grounds for inheritance and mechanisms for transferring property to heirs, on opening an inheritance, protecting inherited property and managing it (including individual recommendations on prevention of possible hereditary problems);
  • advising a potential testator on business structuring, other assets for inheritance purposes;
  • structuring of assets and ownership, elimination of problem moments, preparation of property for inheritance;
  • solving of organizational and legal issues in relation to the property of the client staying abroad (in cooperation with foreign legal partners and notaries);
  • arrangement of formation of trusts and foundations and subsequent management of property transferred to such structures;
  • advising the heirs on implementation of hereditary rights, protection of inheritance property and its management, judicial support of hereditary disputes;
  • management of inherited property and separate services on inheritance protection.

“Government relations management” is the creation of positive attitude of state authorities to the activities of a particular company on the basis of legal and legitimate interaction mechanisms, as well as drafting normative acts for customers – state authorities, political parties and subjects of legislative initiative”.

We use the experience of former and current political figures, government officials and advisers, local councils and government authorities, public relations experts in order to help you orientate yourself in the social and political process.

Our GR Tools:

  • Advice on minimizing political risks and related to them financial risks; clarification of the nuances of the adopted normative acts to the heads of departments in the company. The goal is the adoption of well-timed joint strategic decisions;
  • Tracking the legislative documents being prepared for adoption, their analysis on the issue of assistance or threats to the existing business. At the same time, it is important to give advance notice of all changes from the executive bodies of the state, while they are under discussion;
  • Interaction with legislative and executive authorities;
  • Preparation and arrangement of direct communication with decision-makers;
  • Preparation and arrangement of direct communication with the expert community, public organizations, business associations;
  • Dialogue with political parties and particular politicians;
  • Evaluation of political risks;
  • Preparation of drafts of normative acts for subjects of legislative initiative.
  • Participation in tenders, obtaining of licenses for an enterprise, lobbying of commercial interests in state institutions, support of document circulation (preparation of letters, petitions, appeals against decisions of inspection structures, etc.).

The most traditional branch of economy, where GR-services are in continuous demand, is the development, namely, reconstruction of land plot or building in order to increase their value. Recently need for GR-services has been observed in large retail, pharmacy chain, in manufacturing plants of engineering, heavy and food industries. This is due to the fact that in all these large corporations there is a need for constant selection of land and their design for construction, obtaining all permits, connection to networks and putting into operation. Such specialists are demanded for those companies that, in the course of their activities, are tied to natural resources controlled by the state – gas, oil, timber, coal, water, electricity and so on.

Legal services in the IT industry, legal support for intellectual property rights.

Legal services for organizing the administration of assets, including abroad. Creation of effective business management structures in different areas of the economy, protection of property rights in foreign jurisdictions