Cryptocurrencies: purchase and sell, mining, exchange – when the legislative regulation in Ukraine should be expected?

It is not the first year, when lots of countries step by step have been making attempts to legalize various aspects of crypto assets’ activities. At the same time, despite the fact that some countries prohibit the conduct of crypto assets’ activities, in fact, it is almost impossible to prohibit them, since there are many ways to continue carrying out such activities bypassing the established prohibitions…

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Tax amnesty in Ukraine. What procedure is proposed?

The end of winter 2021 “made a present” to representatives of Ukrainian business  in form of four draft laws under which it is proposed to introduce amendments into Tax code and some other laws aimed at establishment of tax amnesty. However, what is the main aim of amnesty execution? According to research of shadow economy in Ukraine almost 25 per cents of the market is carried out in the shadow …

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