Partner, deputy director, attorney-at-law

Key practice: Currency, banking, tax, customs, civil, commercial law, including issues on privatization, drafting of scheme and plans of business structuring.

Experience: Sergiy Kurilko has been working at “Voropaev and Partners” Law Firm from its establishment on August 2005. Mr. Kurilko heads the corporate and court practice of the firm. Before joining “Voropaev and Partners” Law Firm Mr. Kurilko worked as the lawyer at CJSC “SCM”, at legal department of CJSC “First Ukrainian International Bank”. Mr. Kurilko headed the legal department at Donetsk Regional Directorate of JSC Agro-industrial bank “Ukraina”. Mr. Kurilko’ experience (22 years of legal work) allows providing the clients with the set of legal advice on different matters of corporate management, deal structuring, including tax and financial aspects, foreign investments, currency regulations, banking sector and others.

Special representation: Sergiy Kurilko is the member of the Supervisory Board of PJSC “First Ukrainian International Bank” and JSC “PA “KONTI”, as well as heads the Board of Directors of CJSC “KONTI-RUS”.

Education: Sergiy Kurilko graduated from Economics and Law Department at Donetsk State University, with a degree in “Legal studies” in 1998. In this year, 1998, Sergiy Kurilko received the Attorney’s certificate. In 1982, Mr. Kurilko graduated from Donetsk military and political academy.

Membership in Bar Associations: Sergiy Kurilko is the attorney-at-law at Donetsk Regional Bar Association.

 Languages: Sergiy Kurilko is fluent in Ukrainian and Russian languages.